Toman, born 1992, grew up in a very musical environment, as there was a lot of house music played at home during his early years in the 90’s. The music fascinated him and it was especially the kick drum, snare and hi-hat that he found intriguing. He started to play the drums shortly after, but playing an instrument just wasn’t enough. Toman wanted to be able to create his own productions. It didn’t take long before he bought Ableton Live and started producing music.
He left his pair of drums after a couple of years, but he never stopped focussing on rhythm and groove. After experimenting with different styles, he naturally evolved into a complex but minimalistic sound. From house to techno, it seems there’s no boundaries when talking of Toman’s diversity.

In April 2017 Mihai Popoviciu’s Cyclic Records released his first solo EP. ‘Solanas’ has hit the Beatport Minimal / Deep Tech Top 100 climbing up to number #7 and has been there for over 80 days. From time to time Toman likes to alternate his studio with the DJ booth and throughout the years, he got booked at festivals and clubs all over the Netherlands where he played alongside big names like Benny Rodrigues, Michel de Hey, Olivier Weiter, Reinier Zonneveld and many more. This year he will play his first international gig in Romania, sharing the stage with Archie Hamilton, Phil Weeks, Rhadow, Dirty Culture, Dubgrade and more.

In 2017 he graduated from the Herman Brood Academy, where he got educated by well-known industry professionals. He is also working on his very own live-set.
Toman is always busy experimenting with new ways of expressing himself through his music. Driven by passion and by his hi-hats, he is ready for the next step.